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ChatBuddie Hey everyone we have come to our 1st year of service and we hope to have many more with you all the team here want to thank you all so very much for all your support THANK YOU

Chat Server Spudie Online - Web Client Server Rex & Stitch Online

Connect By IRC - mIRC Irc.ChatBuddie.Com Port: 6667 - 7000

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Tango - Management
Jibbajabba - Management

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Sparky - Senior Moderator

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The ChatBuddie team will only deal with server room issues

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ChatBuddie Your Chat Home


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Lobby: is the place to chill an chat make new friends come on in and be part of the community today
Use /LIST once connected for rooms
have fun and enjoy chattin

Trivia is our online chat game for all to enjoy. please play fair and respect other players now go and WIN
We also have music trivia use /list once connected to view rooms

Happy? Please help us split the bills
dont waste your change we will use it