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Want to add your chat to your website? facebook group? blog?
Please follow these simple steps below.

Copy & Paste one of the following code's below.
make sure to replace RoomNameHere with the room name you have choosen.
Please do not remove the # Tag EX: #ChatBuddie

Iframe Code

<iframe src="" style=" width:875px; height:550px;"></iframe>

Direct Link:

If you want to use a different theme replace Default with one of the following themes

Theme Names:

Default = greenish theme
Dark = greenish black
Coffee = coffee colored
Nightswatch = black
Osprey = Navy
Radioactive = syco black
Sky = blueish
Grayfox = Grayish

Example: of change: ?theme=nightswatch&room=#ChatBuddie

Please Also Follow These Steps Below

After Adding The Chat To Your Website,Group,Facebook
You Will Need To Follow These Simple Steps Below

Step 1 Registering Your Nickname
Registering your nick is simple to do you can do it within the chat by useing the following commands /register password email
or by useing our control panel to register your nick HERE

Step 2 Registering Your Chat Room
Once you have registered your nick you will now need to register your chatroom you can do this by typeing the follwing command within YOUR chatroom /cs register #roomname description
Example Below
/cs register #chatbuddie Welcome to my chat

This will then make you the room founder and a ~ icon should show by your nickname if you have any issues please contact #support

Step 3 Adding Moderators / Assnt Moderators / Speaker-Voice
adding moderators is simple you can do this by command while in the chatroom or by out control panel HERE
to do this by command use the following command in your chat room
!access add Bob 5
this command will add them to the auto moderator list we also have these following level options
Co Owner level = 10
Moderator level = 5
Assnt Moderator level = 4
Speaker-Voiced level = 3
feel free to edit the user access level in the command above to whatever rank you require your team memeber to be within your chat room
Please make sure the nickname is registered before adding anyone or this will not work
if you have any issues please contact #support