CB Guidelines

14Plus ONLY!
Swear words can be used! Within reason
No flooding. It's not fair to anyone else, and doesn't accomplish anything for you.
No advertising of any sort... (That means you, person who's been advertising cream cheese.)
Foreign languages are allowed in the. However, if you know English, we suggest using it so everyone can participate.
Please do not post your e-mail address, personal webpage, phone number, or any other information you'd rather not share with an axe murderer.... That's not to say there are axe murderers running about... but be sensible about it. This is a room full of people you don't know... You'd not walk into a club and start handing out your home address and credit card number.
Please don't post URLs, unlike a forum, we can't erase the naughty things, and there's no way for us to check every URL to see if it's safe for the room.
This is not a sex room. If you're looking for that, go elsewhere. A bit of flirting is ok, but we have a lot of teenagers, and we don't want nasty letters from their parents.
If you're going to talk about politics... please keep it moderate. A discussion turns to an argument far too easily.
If you're going to talk about religion, please bear in mind others have different views... once again, a discussion turns to an argument far too easily.
Racial remarks, slurs, etc will not be tolerated. There's no room for this in a global community, or anywhere else for that matter.


Please respect others, and try to be friendly.

Otherwise, think before you type. Would it be appropriate in the office? Would it be acceptable at school? If not, you probably don't need to be talking about it here.

The moderators do their best to keep the chat friendly and safe. They're not on your case because they want to be mean, or don't like you. They do this because they want a chat they can enjoy, and they want everyone else to be able to enjoy it as well.


The_Tavern 18Plus ONLY
This room is NOT Moderatored
This room maybe un-moderatored but respect is still key admins will still act on issues if still required