Correcting Ban Masks

This setup is requred to help reduce users bypassing chat room bans
This change will correct your ban buttons mode of banning users

Follow these simple steps

1. Once your logged in to kiwi click on room settings buttons top left of the chat client

2.. Once rooms settings have loaded make sure your on the general tab and scroll down the page till you see operators tools

3.  In operators tools where it says default ban mask. you need to edit it from { *!%i@%h } to this { *!*@%h }

So it looks like this

Once this is done your bans will show as  { *!*@IP.IP.IP.IP } from { Nickname!*@IP.IP.IP.IP }
This will help reduce idiots from coming with other nicknames

This mode should then SAVE and stay set but best to make sure every now and then

If you are a Chatbuddie staff member and use kiwi this option must be done and is requred !